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Assignment 1 (Chapter 2)
  1. P2
2. How to solve the problem of free-riding in P2P applications? Describe as many solutions as possible.
Assignment 2 (Chapter 3)
  1. R4

2. P23
3. TCP使用了哪些机制来实现可靠的数据传输?

Assignment 2 (Chapter 4)
  1. P25
2. 给定子网掩码255.255.255.224,请问与主机210.30.97.245对应的网络地址和主机地址分别是多少?
3. 列举IPv6和IPv4的5项不同点
1. The due date is given for each assignment. Late submission will cause - 5 points/day.
2. Copying of programs, written homeworks, or exams is NOT permitted. Any student found doing so will receive a grade of ZERO for the course. You can discuss with other students about the assignments, but the work must be substantially your own.
3. If you're having trouble with an assignment or if you're having trouble meeting a deadline, see the instructor or TA; we will help you but we will not tolerate cheating.

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