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Lecture Notes
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What is the Internet? The Network Edge; The Network Core; Delay, Loss, and Throughput in Packet-Switched Networks; Protocol Layers and Their Service Models; History of Computer Networking and the Internet
Readings: Chapter 1
Notes (PPT, 8.3M)
Application Layer
Principles of Network Applications; The Web and HTTP; File Transfer: FTP; Electronic Mail; DNS; Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications; Socket Programming with TCP; Socket Programming with UDP
Readings: Chapter 2
Notes (PPT, 7.0M); Socket programming in C (PPT, 140K)
Transport Layer
Introduction and Transport-Layer Services; Multiplexing and Demultiplexing; Connectionless Transport: UDP; Principles of Reliable Data Transfer; Connection-Oriented Transport: TCP; Principles of Congestion Control; TCP Congestion Control
Readings: Chapter 3
Notes (PPT, 3.0M)
Network Layer
Introduction; Virtual Circuit and Datagram Networks; What¨s Inside a Router? The Internet Protocol (IP): Forwarding and Addressing in the Internet; Routing Algorithms; Routing in the Internet; Broadcast and Multicast Routing
Readings: Chapter 4
Notes (PPT, 6.3M)
Link Layer and Local Area Networks
Link Layer: Introduction and Services; Error-Detection and -Correction Techniques; Multiple Access Protocols; Link-Layer Addressing; Ethernet; Link-Layer Switches
Readings: Chapter 5
Notes (PPT, 4.2M)
Wireless and Mobile Networks
Introduction; Wireless Links and Network Characteristics; WiFi: 802.11 Wireless LANs
Readings: Chapter 6
Notes (PPT, 1.7M)

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